I: Purchase of Billet and Slabs
Currently, New Shalimar Steel is using both steel slabs and billets for the production of hot-rolled steel profiles. There are four main sources from where purchase of raw material is made. These are:

Pakistan Steel Mills: which gives priority in the provision of products as New Shalimar Steel is a potential consumer and one of its downstream industry.

Peoples Steel Mills Ltd: is another government-concern under the supervision of the world-famous Pakistan scientist, Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan.

Import: we are also using billet and ship plate imported from different countries. The main source for this is local market.

New Shalimar Unit 3: The process of this unit has been already discussed in detail. This unit is also fulfilling a large quantity of our raw material demand for rolling purposes.


II: Storage and Cutting of Billets and Slabs Storage and Cutting of Billets and Slabs
In open storage yard, various types of steel billets and slabs according to their respective chemical properties are stocked. These various grades are color-coded in order to facilitate quick sorting as well as avoiding any mixing.

Before the cutting, both billets and slabs are put separately according to their sizes and grades. After this, these are cut with the help of huge Mechanical Cutting Machines and Gas cutters.

III: Heating and Rolling
After cutting, exact sizes are then lifted with the help of electric cranes to the conveyers. This is the most important phase of the whole procedure. When cut pieces reach at the specified temperature they are rolled according to required sizes. A heated piece is sent to different rolling beds that change it into exact sizes automatically and/or manually. The useless pieces are sold as steel scrap.



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