Continous Casting Process
Molten steel from both furnaces (Arc and Induction) of required chemistry and at a predetermined temperature is taken in a Ladle fitted with Slide Gate Mechanism with the help of electric crane. This ladle is kept above the Tundish from where molten steel is passed in copper moulds that are in mould jacket assemblies at a predetermined speed. Mould Oscillators that vibrate according to production size, determine the speed. The red-hot billet is passed through withdrawal rolls, where it is also cooled by spray of water at a very high pressure at the same time. This billet is then straightened by motor operated straighteners and then taken on to cooling bed through run out tablets, after cutting into required lengths.

Billet Analysis and Colour Coding:
Once billets are made, a random sample of each is taken to the laboratory for chemical and mechanical analysis. Once the samples are up to the standards, the billets are then colour coded in order to distinguish grade from grade. The billets are then either sold out or sent to the mills for the rolling process.

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